Hi guys, my name is Daniel, I found this program really useful and I saw there was no information online so I made this website to provide information to people seeking it. I am in no way connected to the project, I am simply a fan of the software.

The latest version is available in the Download section of this website. The source code is available on Github.

The website is no longer live.

Unfortunately the official website is no longer live but I found this info from a old post that is no longer out there.

"Today I have 2 new releases. I worked together with @gus33000 on a new version of WPinternals. Congrats on your birthday, Gus! Version 2.7 supports all the latest versions of Windows Mobile 10. And it also has some important fixes. For example, the Iris-scanner of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will still work after unlocking the bootloader. This was a problem in earlier versions of the unlock. Gus worked on a method using less files from the donor FFU, keeping the phone in a more orignal state. This also fixed some other problems. It is also possible to unlock the bootloader of phones with an unsupported OS version. To enable Root Access the OS version must still be supported by WPinternals.

This leads me to my second release. Since Microsoft is still releasing OS updates for Windows Mobile on patch tuesdays, it was a lot of work for me keep WPinternals up-to-date. Every OS update took me many hours to find all patches. Even when I used my ARM Patcher tool. So it was time for an update of the tool. Actually I created a second patcher tool. I call it "Auto Patcher".

This tool can load a script (custom script-language) and it will use it to navigate through the OS binaries and find all patch-definitions. For example, the following script will find all the patches for Bootloader Unlock and Root Access. As you can see, the scriptlanguage has all kinds of code-pattern-matching algorithms. Auto Patcher disassembles the Windows PE file and performs code-analysis. For now the Auto Patcher only supports Windows PE files with ARM thumb-2 assembly code. The script defines how the patches must be located. And then there are multiple commands that can patch the code.

The tool also writes the patched binaries to a specified folder. And the patch-definitions are written to an XML-file.This XML-file is linked in WPinternals and will be used by WPinternals' Patch-engine to patch binaries on the phone. This tool will now create all patches for me in 2 minutes, instead of 4 hours of manual work. The generated XML-output for Patch-definitions will look like this:

Later on, I will try to make Auto Patcher work for ARM64, x86 and x64 PE-files and also on raw binary code. The new tools can be downloaded on the Download page. The source-code is on Github: here and here.

Special thanks to Gus for helping with this release. And also to the people who tested this release for me.

Best wishes for 2019,

It appears the creator is no longer keeping it live

Thats the last piece of information I could find about the project online. Unfortunately it seems as if Rene has moved on to greener pastures. Its a shame because this was a great project that brought an easier life to much of us.

What Now?

I actually have keen interest in software and I am working on a few projects myself, I may try create an alternative to Windows Phone Internals, I am not sure yet. I will keep you updated here. I will also blog about other software projects that are interesting. I will also review certain softwares that I think are worth it.


Daniel - A fan of Windows Phone internals